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New Releases

The final instalment in Shankley’s murder-mystery trilogy is coming soon!

A murder-mystery that eschews the mundane literary conventions of including either a murder or mystery, yet distils the essence of pure potboiler into 1467 tightly wound pages.

Follow the adventures of Sam as he finishes university, gets a job in a government department, and then retires at age 65. A thrill ride without a plot that lays the human condition bare.

“The author takes literature sideways and into a cul-de-sac that I never want to leave.” – Arnold’s Magazine of the Fine Arts, and Journal of Literature and Science

“I’ve never felt so much or so little when Sam couldn’t find ¼” staples for his Bostitch B8.” – Annual Review of Sex Research

Dishy: How an Obsession with Soap, Lather & Personal Hygeine drove the Rise and Fall of an Empire is here!

An incisive, hard-hitting and compelling expose of the infamous soap barons of the 1980s and how they made their fortune cleaning the world – one bar at a time.

Three families face off as a decade of lost opportunity and mismanagement opens the door to a short-lived body wash and potpourri craze of the late-1990s that threatened a dynasty.

A microscopic foray into a world of corporate intrigue that brought enemies together, tore friends apart, and made strangers into acquaintances.

Each book comes with its own complementary bar of oatmeal soap signed by the author.

“An unputdownable tale of Shakespearean dimensions best read in the bath with a good bar of soap.” – TV Guide

“So much more than lye, fat and sodium hydroxide.” – Animal Biology & Animal Husbandry

What Happened When The Man from Nantucket met The Woman From Venus: An Oral History of Dirty Limericks and Criminal Heartbreak (Vol. 1) is coming soon!

Thumping iambic pentameters meet sultry Latin poly rhythms in this smouldering exploration of desire and graphic nudity.

This gushing and free flowing tome remains banned in the Cayman Islands, the Republic of Seychelles, and South Australia.

“Exquisite breath control is necessary for maximum poetic pleasure. These writers know that.” – The Poetical Register and Repository.

“Dance to it. Drink to it. Great club reading.” – American Journal of Cultural Sociology