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Our Beliefs

At Wildsmith Publishing, we’re not afraid of loss, life and love. Or bankruptcy.

Sales have never been our goal – in fact, we actively discourage them.

Some have questioned our strategy.

But does an ice cave not exist unless a lost traveller uses it for shelter during a blizzard? Do 100ft swells during an ocean storm not exist unless they destroy a ship? Do avalanches not exist unless they bury a village below?

They exist – and so do we.

Wildsmith Publishing is an eclectic house. Whether fact or fiction, board game, or experimental spoken word album, our stories connect – with ourselves.

We are proud to publish the world’s most ignored books from the world’s least-known authors.

We read their stories for the ones who can’t say the words. We speak their stories for the ones who can’t hear the words. And we feel their stories for the ones who no longer care.